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Attitude, Attitude, Attitude. The top 3 markers that seal the deal for new recruits, says Ashish Morone.

The need for the right talent is an ongoing one for most organizations. This need for talent is due to many reasons, namely; attrition, increase in the scope of work or creating new profiles for specific requirements. Now-a-days, special roles are designed / created by organizations to ideate, design and implement new initiatives, processes and applications to stay in the race to be the best in the industry. Given the specialized talent required for most of these roles, organizations prefer to approach consultants who are specialists in identifying and hiring such talent.

Ashish Morone, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing Communications at HDFC Bank throws light on what corporates look for, while hiring a new candidate.

Ashish stresses on the fact that first and foremost, the attitude and the values a candidate carries, are far more important than anything else. The skill sets and the specific kind of experience required for the role is are just as important. If the candidate shows the right attitude, they can be trained and groomed to become an asset to the organization.

With an impressive experience of over 20 years in the field of marketing behind him, Ashish cannot emphasize enough on how much a candidate’s experience matters. If he has done similar work in a similar environment, then it definitely makes the candidate a much better fit for the job; the educational qualifications are then just secondary and largely a formality. They do not acquire precedence over experience.

Having said that, when it comes to making the final decision it is the attitude of the candidate which supersedes all of the above qualities.  If the candidate is lacking in that department, then in spite of having the required skill sets and experience, the organization would rather not hire them as in the long run, such candidates would prove detrimental to the health of the team and the organization.

 So what is this attitude all about? As defined by Ashish, it is the hunger or willingness to take on new challenges, to ask the right questions, the ability to understand issues before jumping to conclusions and an extremely good ability and willingness to collaborate with people. Given the increase in specializations across industries it’s becoming more and more important to be good at collaboration to get any project/task done. It can’t sit within a silo or within a specific department. These skills are essential to drive success in any role. 

He further goes on to shed light on how complete transparency while drafting your resume is required. There are some red flags that can be immediately noticed in a resume e.g., a candidate has changed jobs very frequently, or there is a gap in between two jobs or the achievements sound implausible for the position in which the candidate has worked. Another avoidable situation is also one where the candidate is unable to substantiate some of the points mentioned in the resume. Given the experience and background of the recruiting manager or the HR professionals, it is fairly easy to figure out misrepresentations. The corporate world is extremely well connected and it is difficult for such incidents to remain hidden. Honesty is the best policy even here. Frequent job changes, or a pink slip from a previous job should be declared upfront. Organizations are getting more and more liberal and accepting of such instances given the right circumstances.

Another factor that can work in favour of the candidate is if they have hobbies that they are truly passionate about. The candidate should be able to delve deeply into a particular hobby rather than displaying a long list of hobbies with superficial involvement. This portrays a well-rounded personality and an ability to deal with out-of-the-box work situations. Also, people who pursue their hobbies are likely to show less signs of stress which in turn is healthy for the organizations that they work for. 

So if you are looking for a new role or if your zest for achieving bigger milestones in your career is driving you to move out of your comfort zone, do consider the insights shared by Ashish Morone to seal the deal.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position.