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Cortaal Global is your trusted partner for all simple and complex HR problems

Cortaal Global was founded with a focus a “Client First” philosophy. We strive to create value for organisations through our emphasis on our vision and values.

Local or global, large or small, we treat our clients with the same philosophy that has guided us through our projects. Clients have access to our vast level of relationships and resources that help us deliver quality-driven solutions.


Executive Search

Proven process, we are able to find the most talented executives from the most attractive recruiting targets.


Somebody with exceptional ability; measurements of an ancient unit of weight and money.

Learning and Development

Produce truly inspirational, robustly operational and emotionally connected leaders.

Candidate Assessment

Assessing leadership skills, identifying employees for promotion and self assessment.

Emotional Intelligence

a different type of intelligence. It’s about being “heart smart,” not just “book smart.”


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